Stockton Springs & Alton, ME
(207) 991-8334
Mon - Fri, 7:00am - 5:00pm
Stockton Sand & Gravel
Stockton Springs Pit Located on 361 Bangor Road

Stockton Sand & Gravel

Two Pits Offering Quality Aggregates

Stockton Sand & Gravel was established to supply quality aggregates to Central and Mid-Coast Maine communities with Maine MDOT approved aggregates, as well as standard coarse and fine aggregates. Residential, commercial or municipality, we have the aggregates to ensure long lasting groundwork. Our pits are located in Stockton Springs and Alton, Maine and are open Monday thru Friday from 7:00am - 5:00pm. When it comes to top grade aggregates including stone, gravel, sand, and loam we are the pit of choice!

Sand & Loam

  • 3/8" Concrete Sand
  • MDOT Underdrain Sand
  • 1" Screened Loam


  • 1", 2", 4" Screened Gravel
  • MDOT Crushed 4" D Gravel
  • MDOT Crushed 2" A Gravel
  • MDOT Screened 2" A Gravel
  • MDOT Screened 3/4" Gravel
  • Bank Run Gravel
  • 1" Driveway Topping


  • 1 1/2" Stone
  • 3/4" Stone
  • 3/8" Stone
  • 1" Screened Stone
  • Crusher Dust

Pick-Up or Delivered

You can pick up your aggregates at either one of our locations or we can deliver them to your home or jobsite. Our delivery is offered within a twenty-mile radius of our pits and is subject to trucking availability.